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Our Story

Where we come from

From his entrepreneurial beginnings in 1990, founder Jim Kurtz has grown BioAir Mechanical into one of the most specialized commercial HVAC companies in San Diego. What got him there is diligent work and a great spirit of partnership. Along the way, BioAir gained engineer-level knowledge and experience in the design and installation of complex HVAC systems for life science facilities.

Where we are

Today, we are not just your regular HVAC company—we are one of the most renowned local experts for the HVAC needs of the San Diego biotech industry, the third-largest life science hub in the country.

Together with his son Jake, Jim built and trained a highly committed team of service technicians and installers that share this knowledge and deliver all-encompassing HVAC solutions of the highest quality to clients across a wide range of commercial science enterprises.

Known for their outstanding service and dedication to excellence, many clients turned into long-standing partnerships.

Where we are going

BioAir is going where the future leads us, striving to be the first choice for all life science-related HVAC needs in San Diego. Because we are proud of the work we
do to support the advancement of biotech and science in our region.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We are with you

    We have a deep understanding of the challenges that come with safety-critical and sensitive environments in the biotech industry. Safe and effective systems are our core focus.

  • We shoot for service excellence

    We put our expertise to work to explore possibilities, proactively solve challenges, and serve our clients with the utmost care and attention. That’s what we are known for.

  • We work it all out

    We won’t stop until we deliver the best possible solution. We are confident, nobody does specialization like we do.

  • True family business

    We are in this business with all our heart. Every member of the BioAir family believes in hard work and doing things the right way. We’ll be happy when you are.

  • We solve challenges

    Our get-it-done attitude leads us to quickly diagnose the precise challenge and waste no time solving it with a straight-forward approach.

  • Straight shooters

    We are a close local partner, and we care about our clients. That means we are here to help, not to pitch or up-sell any solutions.

We Bring Value and Peace of Mind

With over 30 years of experience-based knowledge in the design, installation, construction, build, and maintenance of complex HVAC systems in the biotechnology and life science industry, BioAir is proud to say we make some engineers look pale in comparison. We know exactly what it takes to keep HVAC systems operating at peak performance in a vast variety of precise conditions.